Our Company

What We Do
We perform all sales and marketing activities, including research, sales forecasting, and market planning, sales, and sales promotions, advertising and merchandising, plus many other marketing-related activities such as new product development, packaging designs and do them well.

Who Needs Us?
The evolution of the unified marketing services firm as a direct adjunct to small-to-medium size companies has come about because of extremely high interest rates, slow business conditions and (in many cases) limited working capital. Many companies are often unable or unwilling to pay the high salaries necessary to hire top professional people, or appropriate funds for product and market research, advertising and sales promotion. All are absolutely vital to complete in today’s market place.

How It Works
What if you could take advantage of professional sales and marketing services on a commission, pay-as-you-go, direct sales-related, limited time basis? What if tomorrow the only things left to worry about were making a product and counting your money? Well, it’s not crazy…it’s possible…it’s happening today. We know, because we are doing it!

Five Distribution Channels
US Marketing Company sells food products (and food-related products) into five specific areas: Retail (supermarkets and convenience store chains), Food Service (the away-from-home eating market), Wholesale Clubs / Discount Department Stores, Military Commissaries and Industrial (where your products might be used as components in the manufacture of another product). You choose only the channels you require.

Cost - Pay As You Go
Through US Marketing Company you can take advantage of the very best professional sales and marketing services on a commission, pay-as-you-go, direct sales-related, limited time basis. US Marketing Company examines products and determines their potential, prepares a comprehensive marketing plan…then executes it from beginning to end. You pay only for the actual services agreed upon and rendered. (See our marketing activities chart illustrating the cost of each function per dollar of sales.)

Contracts Are Limited In Time
You may assign marketing responsibilities to US Marketing Company for as short a time as six months…or a lifetime, or any time period in between. You can even select the specific geographical area of your choice.

The Time Is Now
We’re in the business of making your life easier and more profitable. Our programs are amazingly simple and can be executed incredibly fast. Why not let us show you? Contact us today.